Rules to Remember in Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle racing is one of the most thrilling competitions in the world. This type of racing is one that involves perfect harmony of man and machine to work as one. At times, this union results in poetry like grace on the track and other times bravery and determination of a racer controlling a bike moving at 210 mph-plus without the protection of the safety cage. As such, great care should be taken when racing a motorcycle. Here are the top rules to remember in motorcycle racing.


Always have a helmet

The helmet is one of the most important gear for motorcycle racing since it protects the rider from severe head trauma. This helmet should be a quality one made of a high-quality material such as fiberglass, Kevlar or carbon composite shells. Statistics have shown that a motorcycle rider who is not wearing a helmet is in danger of sustaining a critical head injury fivefold over those that do.


Get appropriate gear


When racing a bike, looking cool is sometimes a priority. However, the utmost importance goes to safety. Today, there are many suits developed for racers to properly protect them as they ride hard. This means wearing all leather clothing, non-skid sole boots, and gloves since they can save your body from a lot of damage in case of an accident.


Be ready to ride


Ensuring that the bike is in top condition to ride is one of the most critical rules to remember in racing. If the machine is in good condition, then the ride will be smooth and without worry of something going wrong. So, before you hit the tarmac, ensure that you check the following items;


Under the bike: this will ensure that your motorcycle is not experiencing any gas or oil leaks.


Tires: since racing is taxing on the tires, ensuring that they are in perfect condition is crucial not only for safety but also a success. You should look for signs of wear and tear in the treads, and any bulges or cracks since at high speeds, these defects can cause the tire to blowout.


Coolant and hydraulic fluids: before hitting the track, ensure that your levels for the coolant and hydraulic fluids are maximal. While racing, you want the bike to perform at its best.


Clutch and throttle: since these are critical for gear shifting and acceleration, you should ensure they are working excellently. The throttle should snap back once it’s released.


Use your head


While motorcycles have mirrors for a reason, they can’t be the only source of information regarding your surroundings. Experienced racers know that mirrors have blind spots and that to properly change lanes requires you to look over your shoulder to ensure you are clear.


Mental clarity


The driver’s mental state when racing is very important. You may want to consider taking in honey as it clarity and alertness are among the benefits of drinking honey. The bike might be in top condition, but if the mind is drowsy, distracted or even angry, it could be a recipe for disaster. When on the track racing, you need to know that only you have your back there. As such, calming your mind and getting to your peaceful place is ideal before even sitting on the bike.


With these tips, you can now go out and race your motorcycle. While racing is also a skill in itself, it requires time and patience to be very good at it. Always stay safe so that you can ride another day. Also, keep in mind your bike’s abilities so that you don’t put it through something it cannot handle.